$ 15 Short Rib Melt

Shredded beef short rib, shaved red onion, jack cheese, served in grilled buttery bread, with a side of tomato aioli, and cilantro garlic fries.

$ 14 Blackened shrimp tacos

grilled blackened shrimp, shaved napa cabbage, served with a pear & mango pico de Gallo, in a corn tortilla.


$ 17 Salmon BLT Burger 

Pan seared salmon burger patty, on a brioche bun with creole aioli, butter lettuce, marinated tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, house bacon, and a side of garlic cilantro fries.

$ 15 Orange Chicken & Rice Bowl

Breaded chicken breast wedges tossed in a savory orange sauce, placed on a bed of sautéed veggies and rice.

$ 28 Grilled Lamb Chops

Grilled lollipop lamb marinated in a panang curry & coconut milk, grilled, served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

$ 19 Shrimp & Grits

whole shrimp cooked in a creamy cajun sauce, smothered on a bed of cheddar grits, served with andouille sausage & sautéed spinach.

$ 22 Short Rib

Slow cooked braised short rib, finished in a savory Demi glaze, placed atop jasmine rice, served with sautéed garlic broccoli & thai red chilies, garnished with sesame seeds & green onions.

$ 17 Sambal Fried Catfish mac & cheese

Catfish fillet marinated in samba chili garlic sauce, fried to perfection, dolloped with a cajun remoulade, served with a bed of three cheese sauce elbow pasta, garnished with Napa coleslaw.

$ 22 Soy Glazed Seared Salmon

glazed with an onion-ginger sauce over stir fried brown rice, tomatoes, asparagus, and green onions.

$ 17 Chant Fried Chicken

Whole cut tender young chicken, fried golden brown, served alongside mashed potatoes with gravy, and buttered corn.


$ 13 Chant Pad Thai (GF)

Chant's version of Pad Thai, with tamarind, ground peanuts, bean sprouts, green onions, and egg with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu.


$ 13 Pad See Ew

stir fried wide rice noodles, broccoli and choice of beef, chicken or tofu.


$ 12 Spinach and Tofu (vegan)

sautéed with wild shiitake mushrooms in a vegetable oyster sauce with a side of brown rice.


$ 11 Fried Rice

 Stir fried jasmine rice with gailon, broccoli, napa cabbage, and egg.

Add chicken, beef or tofu ($3), shrimp ($7)

$ 13 Udon Noodles

Fresh traditional Japanese Udon noodles, snow peas, green onions, cilantro, served with spicy soy, with a choice of chicken, beef or tofu.


$ 20 Shrimp & Chicken Gumbo

Shrimp, stewed chicken, Andouille sausage, in rich gravy with red peppers, celery, and spicy scallion, served with jasmine rice and corn bread.

$ 13 Drunken Noodles (Vegan)

Linguine with bok choy, shaved carrots, cilantro, served with plum wine and Thai chili sauce, with choice of tofu, chicken or beef.


$ 19 Jambalaya (GF)

Shrimp, chicken, Andouille sausage, peppers, celery, jasmine rice, served in a cajun sauce.

$ 13 Crazy Cashew Chicken

Thin Sliced chicken breast stir fried with spinach, broccoli, carrots, and a spicy soy hoisin sauce.

$ 26 Lobster Mac & Cheese

Butter seared whole lobster tale placed on a bed of creamy three cheese sauce, elbow pasta, shaved lobster meat, green onions, and topped with cornbread crumbles.

$ 13 Coconut Chile lime stir fry

Stir fry veggies, julienne red bell peppers, wok tossed in coconut chili lime sauce & linguine pasta, with choice of chicken, beef, or tofu. 


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